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We got 99 problems and the RONA is #1…. Although the studio is closed, we’ve made it a priority for classes to go on! We’re extremely happy to announce that we are offering online virtual classes to our clients and community at absolutely FREE of charge. We want to be there for our community of HUSTLERS as we are all experiencing hardship and facing many obstacles during these tough times. We want to give back to our community and provide a healthy, positive, and uplifting experience for everyone and anyone, without having to worry about extra costs. 


Having a positive mindset, outlook and a healthy lifestyle is something that we have always promoted and prioritized. Experiencing uncertain times such as these, it’s important to continue to prioritize this mindset and to fuel your body with positive energy by taking some time to do the things you enjoy. We’ve created a very simple and user-friendly experience to access our classes ensuring that everyone is able to #SweatWithUs and #JamFromHome


We will be posting new dance classes, fitness classes, tutorials, and more every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on our Youtube Channel. Once our videos are uploaded they will be accessible at your convince, letting you take classes whenever or wherever you please! We’ll be offering beginner, intermediate and advanced classes as well as children’s classes, special needs classes, and classes with no previous experience necessary.


During tough times we must all come together as one (virtually) and overcome the many curveballs that have been thrown our way. We were here for you before, and we will be here for you now… Let’s #HustleHarder and overcome COVID-19!