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Industry Dance Co. strives to provide the absolute highest quality commercial dance training, Windsor Essex County has to offer. Our award winning classes are not only designed to provide your child with the highest quality dance training, but to also provide a safe, positive and uplifting learning environment where your dancer is able to learn, grow and excel.



All recreational programs run seasonally, offering multiple short dance sessions throughout the year for ages 3-16 years old. 


Fall/Christmas Session: September - December 

Winter/Spring Session: January - May

Summer Session: June - August


In addition to our high quality training and one-of-a-kind classes, our knowledgeable staff aims to nurture young dancers in a creative and non-judgemental environment. Classes are offered in Hip-Hop, Popping & Locking, Breakdancing, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Ballet, and Contemporary.


The placement and advancement of dancers will be at the discretion of the director and teaching staff at Industry Dance Co. Dancers will be evaluated throughout the year at the end of their session. 


Dancers that meet and/or surpass the set expectations and level requirements, will be able to successfully advance to the next level. Should your dancer not meet the set expectations and is still working towards meeting level requirements, we recommend and encourage them to continue in the same level for another session to further their training and re-evaluate at the end of the next session. 


Please note, dancers grow at a different pace and may not advance in level at the same time as others. We typically recommend at least one year of training in a particular level prior to advancement, as it provides dancers ample time to work on and continue to develop technique and skills.



  • An inclusive and welcoming environment

  • Highly qualified, well-experienced dance instructors

  • Opportunity to dance in our signature “LIT Studio”

  • No long term commitments/contracts

  • Affordable pricing

  • Trendy and unique, one-of-a-kind classes

  • Freedom to choose your own classes 

  • No mandatory class requirements

  • No year end recital with pricey costumes and tickets

  • Improves your overall health (physically, mentally, and emotionally) 

  • Encourages socialization, overall improving social skills 

  • Encourages creativity and imagination 

  • Enhances overall cognitive development

  • Improves self-confidence 

  • Teaches coordination and rhythm 

  • Helps develop musical skills

  • Promotes body positivity and overall health and wellness


Rather than separating classes based on age, we focus primarily on levels. While all classes have “age requirements” we refer to these as, “age recommendations” as we strongly believe dancers of all ages can excel at different speeds. 


(No Experience Necessary)


(0-2 Years Experience)


(3-4 Years Experience)


(5+ Years Experience)


Absolutely no experience required. Dancers at an “introduction” level will learn at a slow and steady pace, teaching dancers the foundations of dance concepts such as learning rhythms, imitating choreography, and developing overall body control.


Designed for individuals with little to no previous experience in the specific genre. Beginner level classes focus primarily on the breakdown of basic skills, technique and helps dancers further understand the foundations of the particular dance style.


Dancers at the intermediate level must meet and/or surpass the requirements of “beginner," have a strong knowledge and understanding of basic dance technique, positioning, movement control, and body awareness, and should also demonstrate a good understanding of musicality, rhythm, and movement patterns. 


Advanced level classes are designed for serious dancers with extensive training that are motivated, dedicated, and looking to take their training to the next level. Dancers are expected to have a strong knowledge and understanding of dance foundations, movement dynamics, technical elements and must demonstrate a strong understanding of proper positioning. Dancers must meet and/or surpass the requirements of the “intermediate” level.


Our goal at Industry Dance Co is to provide dance classes for anyone and everyone, no matter their age, level, ethnicity, income, or ability. We strongly believe in an even playing field, and that everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate in sports. Equality is something that is incredibly important to us, which is why we are proud to partner with our community to continue to break barriers when it comes to equality in sport. 

Industry Dance Co. works with the following partners to provide funding for vulnerable youth and families, removing accessibility and financial barriers; and collaborating with community leaders toward a shared vision of community prosperity.

Contact us for more information.

"My son loves his hip hop class here! This place is my favourite of any class he has taken. He has learned so much in the 5 months he has been taking their classes. The owner is absolutely amazing with kids and her love for her studio and business really shows. Always on time, always professional and always full of energy and gives it her all for the kids. Can't say enough good things about this place."

- Danielle

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